『THREE』が8月14日(水)に発売する2013 A/W メイクアップ コレクションに使われているビジュアルは、ニューヨークで撮影しました。2013 秋冬のテーマは「Rock Your Life」。「Rock Your Life」のイメージのベースは、わたしの大好きなRock Musicにインスパイヤされています。David Bowie(デヴィッド・ボウイ)やPatty Smith(パティ・スミス)、Velvet Underground(ヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンド)、Rolling Stones(ローリング・ストーンズ)…。


フォトグラファー、Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello(ソフィア・サンチェ&マウロ・モンジェーロ)。彼らの絶妙なチームワークと阿吽の呼吸は、他の誰にも真似出来ません。プロフェッショナルでアーティステイックな2人、とても温かい心の持ち主。彼達を見ていると、やはり本物は、堂々と優しいんだと感じます。

今回のモデルはGuinevere(グイノヴィア)。強さと繊細さ、躍動感とインテリジェンス、フリースピリット(自由)と、ダウン トゥ アース(安定感)を持ち合わせている彼女を起用しました。



Lots of love,
Rie xoxo

  • No.006
  • WEDNESDAY, 14th AUGUST, 2013 by Rie Omoto

The visuals used for the 2013 A/W Make-Up Collection, on sale from THREE from Wednesday, August 14, were shot in New York. The 2013 Autumn/Winter theme is “Rock Your Life”. The base image for “Rock Your Life” was inspired by my favorite rock music such as David Bowie, Patti Smith, Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones…

Energy swells up in me when I’m listening to my favorite music. I feel like, “Okay! Let’s do this!” I’ve put together in my collection those moments when I’m overflowing with energy and my mind is positive.

The photographers are by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello. No one else could imitate their excellent teamwork and in-tune-ness with one another. The artistic and professional pair is very warm-hearted. Watching them, I felt that the real thing is openly kind.

The model this time is Guinevere. We chose her for her strength and gentleness, her uplifting nature and intelligence, her free spirit (freedom) and down-to-earthness.

The shoot is the culmination of so much time carefully creating an image that I see only in my head. When everyone’s collective efforts — the photographer, the model, the stylists, the hair stylists, the producers, the art director, the videographers, their assistants, the development team and the THREE staff—all come together it is so exciting it’s like nothing else.

Collaborations are truly wonderful. Although nerve-wracking, the shoot went nicely among the positive energy. I love the sound of the shutter during shoots. The moment the visual appears on the monitor, I am overwhelmed with excitement! In that moment art becomes real for the world.

Lots of love,
Rie xoxo