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富士日記 武田百合子







  • No.010
  • “Fuji Nikki” Yuriko Takeda
  • TUESDAY, 20th AUGUST, 2013 by Yoshiyuki Morioka

“Fuji Nikki”is the journal of Yuriko Takeda, wife of author Taijun Takeda and mother of photographer Hanako Takeda. Yuriko Takeda was born in 1925 (Taisho 14) in Yokohama. If she were alive today, she would turn 88 this year. What’s special about people born in this year is that they would become older with the Showa era. That is, at 11 years old, there would have been the February 26th Incident; at 16, the attack on Pearl Harbor; at 20, the defeat in the war; and after the postwar mess and recovery, they would have experienced the Tokyo Olympics at 39.

The name “Fuji Nikki”comes from the villa at the base of Mt. Fuji where the family spent their time and she wrote the journal. The journal, from July Showa 39 (1964) to September Showa 51 (1976), was Yuriko Takeda’s diary from the time she was 39 to the time she was 51. At first glance it is a monotone journal with her dispassionate writing about her daily meals, her simple life, and her daily life, but it has continued to be published up to today. I think the reason it is well-loved is because the author takes joy in her daily meals and simple life, and that comes out in her writing.

Although there were many contradictions in the Showa 40’s (mid-1960’s), it was the era when there was a full economic recovery. From today’s perspective it may seem like an ordinary life but from the perspective of someone who lived in the early Showa era, it was nothing but solace.