• No.005
  • Atelier of Cezanne
    Nazraeli Press
  • MONDAY, 29st May, 2013 by Yoshiyuki Morioka

When I held a photograph exhibition of Risaku Suzuki’s works, he touched on its characteristics, saying, “the collection of photographs creates the space.” These words left a deep impression on me, for I had thought that an excellent photograph collection appears from the mental images of the photographer, and ever since then have planned to see photograph collections.

The book is a photograph collection of Cezanne’s atelier and Montagne Sainte-Victoire. With each turn of its pages, an array of tranquil images draws us in. We then feel that we are sucked into the space of the book rather than the space appearing before us.

When asked, those who have actually been to the sites in France say the atmosphere is completely different from the photograph collection. It has now become a tourist destination, so they say its tense feeling has been lost. We could say that the atmosphere the photograph collection makes is closer to the real atmosphere while Cezanne was living because Cezanne almost never saw the light of day before his death. In this sense, it’s also a photograph collection that goes back in time.

In other words, the feature of the book is not just its horizontal horizons, but also along its temporal axis and is in the part that invites us into the photographs. It is a sort of corporal experience traveling through time space.

One thing is for sure—what we feel from this experience questions our sensitivities. It is a volume with a motivation to try to expand our cognition of the world through photographs.