• No.004
  • Senchimentaru na tabi / Fuyu no tabi
    Nobuyoshi Araki SHINCHOSHA publishing 1991
  • MONDAY, 20st May, 2013 by Yoshiyuki Morioka

“Love turns into affection, affection turns into anger, anger turns into hate, hate turns into resignation, resignation turns into forgiveness”

These are words spoken by a certain television show announcer. I jotted them down in the middle of the show because I felt they were great food for thought about relationships between men and women. These words come to mind every time I open Nobuyoshi Araki’s “Senchimentaru na tabi / Fuyu no tabi”.

“Senchimentaru na tabi / Fuyu no tabi”is a photograph documentary of husband and wife Nobuyoshi and Yoko Araki’s love. It is a photograph collection that carries us through to its final page without distracting our feelings when we turn its pages. Our feelings are not distracted because we are impressed by the way Yoko lives as Araki’s wife. She lets all of their affairs hang out: she lets her husband have sex outside, and even allows it to be released publicly in photographs.

What kind of a person was Yoko? Those who met her say she was “a cool person”. In going with the announcer’s words, she was a person who lived accepting and forgiving everything about Araki ,that is, she was no more and no less than a person with love for Araki. It was never a momentary love. Yoko might have been following this type of mental transition toward Araki someday.

If we assume that we are not as forgiven by people as Nobuyoshi Araki was, it’s evidence that we have forgotten our love for that person.

We can imagine the thousands upon thousands of tears Araki shed when Yoko was diagnosed with “at most one month left to live”.

It is a book that makes us think over the entire concept of love.