• No.001
  • “Landscapes” exist because people have “sight”.
  • MONDAY, 1st APRIL, 2013 by Yuki Hoshino

In our daily lives, these aren’t visible because we are accustomed to seeing them.
Even so people pause before this “scenery” in their day-to-day lives.
Then the “scenery” rises up as “landscape”.
It slides a bit from ordinary to extraordinary.
These images are an attempt to capture such “births of landscapes”.
Please take your time and enjoy watching these as many times as you like.

Yuki Hoshino (Movie Director)


長沢 哲

長沢 哲(打楽器奏者、即興演奏家、作曲家)

打楽器奏者・即興演奏家・作曲家。5歳でピアノ、15歳でドラムを始める。ロック・ジャズなどのバンドで活動する傍ら、クラシック・パーカッションを学ぶ。即興演奏を中心としたユニットを展開し、作曲活動も行う。2003年『長沢哲 小沢あき Duo Ensemble』、2005年『長沢哲 Solo Improvisation Live「凪に眠る 波に遊ぶ vol.7」』を発表。現在は月例イベント『Fragments』を主催。

Tetsu Nagasawa

Percussionist, improvisator, composer. He stated playing the piano at 5 and the drums at 15. He is studying classical percussion while working in rock and jazz bands. He develops an improvisation unit and works as a composer. Hee presented “Tetsu Nagasawa and Aki Ozawa Duo Ensemble” in 2003 and “Tetsu Nagasawa Solo Improvisation Live ‘Nagi Ni Nemuru Nami Ni Asobu vol. 7’” in 2005. He is currently staging the monthly event “Fragments”.



多種多彩なアーティストのライブ、レコーディングに参加。フラメンコギター、7弦フルアコースティックギターを操り、演劇やサイレント映画の伴奏、楽曲提供など活動は多岐に渡る。様々なフィールドで活躍するボーカリストのサポートを務め、西川郷子(上々颱風)のソロアルバム『郷音~hibiki~』ではプロデュースを担当。2013年3月リーダーバンド『BYFAL』の新譜 『福の神の旅』をリリース。

Aki Ozawa

Guitarist, composer. She participates in the recordings and live shows of many artists. She plays the Flamenco guitar and a 7-stringed guitar, and her activities cover a wide variety of works such as accompaniments and compositions for silent movies and plays. She works as the support for vocalists in many fields and was the producer of Satoko Nishikawa (Shang Shang Typhoon)’s solo album “ 郷音 ~hibiki~”. In March 2013, She released lead band “BYFAL”’s new release “Fuku No Kami No Tabi”