• パーティの仕掛け方
  • WEDNESDAY, 22nd MAY, 2013 by Etsuko Aiko




北ロンドンの洋館では、バースデイパーティが行われようとしていた。パーティの主役は今年40歳を迎えたジルヴィオと、35歳を迎えたその妻アナ。ドイツ育ちのイタリア人、ジルヴィオは4カ国語に堪能でボイスオーバー・アーティストとして活躍し、ドイツ人のアナは父親が経営するジュエリー会社でマネージングディレクターを務め、自身のレーベルのジュエリーデザインも手掛けている。ロンドンに暮らすクリエイティブなカップルはこの夜、自分たちの節目のアニバーサリーを祝うために「20s Bash」を企画したーー1920年代がテーマの華麗なる一夜である。


スパンコールが煌めきフリンジが揺らめくフラッパー、正統派タキシード姿の紳士、サファリルックをまとった探検家、真っ赤なリップにフェザーのヘッドドレスをまとったレディたち。1920年代風コスチュームに身を包んだ招待客とホスト&ホステスは、『グレート・ギャツビー』のワンシーンから抜け出してきたようだ。舞台となったのは、パーティやショウ会場に使用される「The Old Cholmeley Boys Club」という名の古びた屋敷。きしむ階段を登ってドアを開くと、アンティークの人形やランプ、剥製、天蓋付きベッドなどが所狭しと並ぶ、1920年代当時へタイムトリップしたような光景が広がる。








  • No.003
  • “How to set up a party”
  • MONDAY, 1st APRIL, 2013 by Etsuko Aiko

In a Western-style building in North London, a birthday party was about to take place. The protagonists of the party were Silvio, who was having his 40th birthday, and his wife, Anna, who was having her 35th birthday this year. A German-raised Italian, Silvio speaks 4 languages and works as a voice over artist. German Anna works as a managing director in her father’s jewelry company and has a hand in designing her own label jewelry. The creative couple who reside in London planned a ’20s bash’ to celebrate their milestone anniversary—a magnificent 1920’s-themed night.

Flappers in sparkling sequins and flapping fringes, gentlemen in classic 1920’s-style tuxedos, explorers in safari outfits, ladies in feather headdresses with deep red lips. The invitees and host and hostess in 1920’s style costumes were like a scene straight out of The Great Gatsby. The event took place at The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, a compound with an old-fashioned name used for parties and showcases. Climbing the creaky steps and opening the door, scenery as if you’ve time-tripped back to the 1920’s unfold before your eyes—antique dolls and lamps, mounted animals, canopy beds all lined up side by side.

When Silvio, elegantly dressed in his pure white tuxedo and silk hat, gave the party’s opening greeting, he kicked off a one-night dream. Old-fashioned jazz numbers played loudly in the background, burlesque dancers performed a sexy dance, a flapper-dressed singer sang a powerful jazz piece. The ladies and gentlemen sank into a hedonistic mood, laughing, dancing and merrymaking with one another, and were the flowers themselves of the jazz age. The sight of about 30 of Silvio and Anna’s friends, parents and relatives assembled in 1920’s style get-ups could only be called elegant.

For Japanese, it is an unnerving custom but in Germany, it is common to organize your own birthday party by yourself, invite your friends and family and celebrate it with everyone. Europeans, starting with Germany raised among such a culture, are, so to speak, masters of planning exquisite parties. I pondered the secret of parties to be learned from them.

First, you must set a theme. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a birthday party, what you choose as your concept determines whether it is successful or not. In Silvio and Anna’s case, it was splendid that they chose a dress code that all guests, from their parents to their friends who are mainly in their 30’s and 40’s, could easily understand and that it matched with their whole party theme of the 1920’s. The next important thing is the food: preparing food that the guests really want to eat. The party was at 9 PM, so they ordered all kinds of finger foods from their favorite restaurants and brought it themselves by taxi. The following secret is to think about not what is correct but what is fun. It goes without saying that by planning a surprise strip show by the burlesque dancers, the event space was on fire. Finally, you should express yourself somewhere. Silvio sometimes acts and Anna has an extensive ballet history. Their Charleston was like watching the dance scene from the famous classic film.

I recall having discussed about American party organizer’s secrets to entertaining that I covered previously that “everything gets even better by adding a little bit of an essence of yourself”. The enticingly shining moon, the stylish night running through with the 1920’s, was for them both.



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「THREE TREE JOURNAL」とは、そんな創造力を持ち合わせた「しなやかに生きる洗練された大人の女性」たちに向けて、五感を刺激し、豊かな感性を育む、新しいウェブジャーナルです。


関わる人々が、自分自身をより高めることができる場のひとつとして、お互いの価値観を共有し、関係性を深めてゆくことを目指す「THREE TREE JOURNAL」を、どうぞお楽しみください。

To sophisticated adult women who live elegantly

Three—’3′ is a symbol of ‘creation’. It is the creation of a third new value by combining two contradicting things.

“THREE TREE JOURNAL” is new web communication contents for ‘sophisticated adult women who live gracefully’ possessing such creativity, where they can cultivate their rich sensitivity and stimulate their five senses.

It is an attempt to have them feel the THREE brand more closely through every expression, image and world view that THREE has by the brand, participating creators and users stimulating each other’s sensitivities, talking, identifying and relating. We’ve prepared contents as a springboard where the users themselves can develop new interests and take action, and generate reciprocal communication.

Please enjoy “THREE TREE JOURNAL” where we aim to deepen relations and share each other’s values as a place where those involved can cultivate themselves.

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